Getting a grip on PHP

Sometimes things in your life are changing rapidly. Due to several reasons I want to look into the worlds of PHP. Being a Perl guy for a long long time I’m wearing my Perl glasses and started to look into the different aspects of the language.


When I started to look at PHP I wasn’t interested in the old versions – 5.4.11 is the version to look at, everything else is history. I wanted to start with OO from the beginning and I wanted to start in a testing approach. TDD was all the way to go, how can I define my tests, how can I write a class, what is the best way to ship it, how do I structure my code/applications/modules.


And finally – how do I write code? Is that the emacs, vi approach or should I go for NetBeans, Eclipse or other IDEs?


This will start a short series about some PHP related articles and my attempt to learn a new language. I will start to use the tag PHP for the articles, hopefully I can manage the separation so that the Perl RSS aggregators are not picking up the PHP content – I will notify them.


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