LPW2012 – A short summary

First things first – it has been a great conference with great talks, great organization, a great pub and a very inspiring community. The travel to London was ok, the flight was on schedule and I started my Oyster card master course in time. The hotel room was amazingly small (that’s probably common in the UK). Anyway – everything was clean and nice.

I was tired after the journey and therefore I didn’t attend the pre-conference meeting on Friday. I got up early on Saturday and left the hotel at 08.00 o’ clock. Sorry, there seem to be a problem with my personal and social life! I am getting up early on Saturday to attend a Perl conference? Yes, …
There has also been a tweet about that from someone – great, I had the same idea.

The University of Westminster hosted the event. Several track ran in parallel so make sure to setup your personal schedule! I finished my slides and started with my first talk at 11.20. That was the 40 minute talk “There is no single server” and it dealt with server deployments which are running Perl applications. The talk was ok, however, I was still tired, probably it wasn’t my best one. I attended several other talks – one which was very interesting was the one from mst about fatpacking and messing with WWW::Simple. Holy! One day I will ask him what he is into when he builds such applications? Free range mushrooms, this guy is totally insane!
Here is one thing which took a while until I realized it. mst was using Windows on his laptop. That’s fine for me, something which was interesting that he mentioned some code snippets in his presentation about assembling paths and directories. Dealing with all kinds of problems around this I was very pleased to find someone like him caring for Perl specifics for Windows. That’s great and I really encourage people (this is you readers) to get in touch with the in-core modules like File::Path to create directory structures.

Finally – at the end of the conference it was lightning talk time! Well, I had prepared a lighting talk, however, the problem I was dealing in the talk seems to be non existent in UK. Amazing! The talk deals about the challenge to get new people into Perl. Perl seems to be dead in terms of a company. There is just no single reason to pick for a new project here in Germany, at least not that I am aware of. Perl for scripts is fine, Perl for application is just not applicable in the companies I am working or have worked for. It’s all the way Java and nowadays Ruby or Python.
Anyway – “I come from the dead” were the first words of my talk and then I started to explain the problems with Perl in Germany from my point of view. The presentation was about asking your boss if you should port everything business critical to Perl. (oh, btw. I am still employed there…)

The talk worked really well and I got some very nice feedback. After the conference we went to the pub King and Queen and had some drinks and some food. It was a great conference – thanks to all the people who took part in the organization of this event.

Today (on Sunday) was London sightseeing time, expect some images once I have a nice network connection again.

Right now I am sitting at Heathrow and wait for my flight (which will take some more minutes…)


(Please note – that was one week in the past – I just forgot to publish the post)