New repository for PPM ActiveState Perl 5.16 on Windows

Hep, another time. I was working on some parts for a local training workshop for Perl starters. One of their practices will be regex matching of some more advanced stuff. I know the CPAN module Regexp::Common so I wanted to install it on my Windows 7 64bit laptop and ….*ugh* it’s not inside the ActiveState ppm repository for Perl 5.16 64. Hm, so I started to read through the manuals and the tutorials how to setup a toolchain for building ppms.

It’s easy on one hand everything is written down somewhere, on the other hand you have to search alot. ActivePerl::PPM is a total different animal than just PPM. Oh boy, however – I managed to setup something useful. I wrote a small buildbot who grabs every CPAN module on the planet, checks if its inside the ActiveState Perl repositories and tries to build it. So here we go, the pkgbox ppm repository has been born. Most of the modules are failing the build due some native libraries which are Unix only or which are not installed so far. Anyway I need to tweak everything here and there but the repo will be filled with new ppms soon. Right now there are some starter packages.

I’ve written a small documentation on how to use it, you’ll find it at the top navigation of this blog – or here.

Here is the quick way to enable the repo on the command line. Just fire up a Windows cmd shell and enter the following command.

repo add pkgbox

Please folks, send me some feedback about this experiment. Right now it’s awesome seeing new packages being build.

They are ready to rock – what about you?

4 thoughts on “New repository for PPM ActiveState Perl 5.16 on Windows”

  1. use strawbrry perl and cpan.
    strawberry perl 5.16 32bit and 64bit also have ppm commands with sysiphus’s ppm repository
    but activestate’s new ppm 4 is not compatible with strawberry’s.

    1. I am not allowed to use Strawberry Perl at work. It’s that simple. I don’t blame ActiveState Perl for choosing a different format of PPM. ActiveState Perl is nice and works well, – if I need some more packages I can install them easily. That’s the reason why this repo exists.
      BTW, I like to support a small company building Perl for ages and for all different kinds of platforms. Check out ActivePerl::Client it’s really nice.

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