It’s all about licenses

Have you ever released software on the internet? Everyone who releases software, configuration snippets, stuff that works or doesn’t work should have a license statement somewhere. It’s really easy. I was looking for a software for certain purposes and I found a nice Perl script with some C binaries around it. It works, it’s fast and it serves my purpose.

Will I use it – no.

The reason is just so simple – because it has no license statement in it. I really would like to bundle it with some software I wrote on top of it, however, there is no visible license. I’ve digged through the code – I looked in all the files, I’ve mailed the author (without a reply so far) – nothing.

In this world where money is made of legal sues – I won’t use this stuff. Yes, I love BSDs and it’s also something natural, that a BSD guy brings up this kind of topics. Let software be free!

And place a LICENSE file somewhere – even COPYING is good name for it. Please!

If you are a Perl guy, have a look inside Makefile.PL – there is a certain tag for it – here is an example:

    NAME => 'Example',
    AUTHOR => 'Ulrich Habel <>',
    LICENSE => 'artistic_2',