1 minute read

Actually, there will be chili! Ok, so I am into this and I am into moving my blog onto this new platform (which will be hugo on Amazon S3). However, hey - when I returned after a short weekend trip I found the following in my windows garden! A chili blossom from a Basket of Fire. Unfortunately I took the F1 Hybrid plants, as I was too greedy for my own chili.

Simple IOT dumper for MQTT in Lua

Here is a short module for dumping topics on MQTT in Lua?

2 minute read

I decided to post all the data from my ESP8266 projects using MQTT to my Mosquitto broker. Even if I am not doing something useful with it right now, I want to capture the data at least. Lua to the rescue! Here is a small dumper written in Lua that will write one big file with the data of the subscribed topic. Something simple, but it might be helpful if you are looking for this.

3 minute read

octogreen - a lua esp8266 window farming system How to build a window farming system and how to monitor it with lua. This is just a small project that I am doing for myself in order to get in touch with LUA and the esp8266 chip. The idea I was always fascinated by those hydroponic window farms. Growing plants inside the city using the environment around you. In my case that’s three windows, no balcony, no garden.