1 minute read

Actually, there will be chili! Ok, so I am into this and I am into moving my blog onto this new platform (which will be hugo on Amazon S3). However, hey - when I returned after a short weekend trip I found the following in my windows garden! A chili blossom from a Basket of Fire. Unfortunately I took the F1 Hybrid plants, as I was too greedy for my own chili.

3 minute read

octogreen - a lua esp8266 window farming system How to build a window farming system and how to monitor it with lua. This is just a small project that I am doing for myself in order to get in touch with LUA and the esp8266 chip. The idea I was always fascinated by those hydroponic window farms. Growing plants inside the city using the environment around you. In my case that’s three windows, no balcony, no garden.